Seijo no Kaifuku Ch 76 Release

Good news! I had fixed my pc. So the release period will be steady again. That’s all!


Here’s your chapter:

Short Link: Chapter 76 Unknown Ceiling

Direct Link: Chapter 76 Unknown Ceiling

No Fatigue Chapter 73 Release

I’m so sorry that I late to release this. that’s because I try to learn grammar and tenses. Why? that’s because somebody said that my tl sucks, and this web suck, etc. well, I can’t deny it. for tl, I am really suck at grammar and tenses. for web, I’m sorry I can’t remove the ads. the host said that it was a payment for Continue reading “No Fatigue Chapter 73 Release”

No Fatigue Chapter 71 Release

I will add watermark from now on because i found a website that stole my content. i’m sorry for the inconvenience.


Here’s the chapter. please enjoy

Short Link: Chapter 71 Skill Magic

Direct Link: Chapter 71 Skill Magic

Seijo no Kaifuku Chapter 75 Release

2 out of 2 chapter for this week


here’s the chapter. Please enjoy! 😀

Short Link: Chapter 75 I Pushed Lily

Direct Link: Chapter 75 I Pushed Lily

Seijo no Kaifuku ch 74 release

1 out of 2 chapter for this week. please enjoy!

Short Link: Ch 74 As Expected, She Is a Child But She Is a Demon

Direct link: Ch 74 As Expected, She Is a Child But She Is a Demon

No Fatigue Chapter 69 Release

So like i said before, this project is a collaboration with mayonazie shrimp translations. my pace will be slowed down for now because my PC is broken. but i will do my best to give all of you 1 chapter of no fatigue and maybe around 1 or 2 chapter for seijo no kaifuku each week.

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Seijo no Kaifuku chapter 73 release

Ciaossu!! good news! tomorrow I will translate No Fatigue ch 69. it’s joined work with Mayonaize shrimp. I think it will be done on Saturday or Sunday. But Continue reading “Seijo no Kaifuku chapter 73 release”